London Medical
Since taking on our cleaning contract in April 2014, DB Services has supplied us with complete peace of mind. London Medical stands by its rigorous commitment to the highest standards of service and patient care and requires absolutely that our providers and suppliers share that same commitment. In DB Services we have found a team that we can trust to maintain and enhance those standards.

DB Services understands innately that consistently good service can only be delivered if fairness and respect is a core value across its organisation. It is vital to us that anyone working at London Medical be recipient of these values and in DB Services we have found a supplier that is considerate and mindful of the well-being of its entire team. We were interested in engaging DB Services from the offset based on the size and ethos of the company. We wanted someone we could talk to as partners rather than suppliers and needed to be sure that that we were provided with a named point of contact who could understand the particular requirements of our business. With DB Services we get monthly reports, we get phone calls, we get visits, and we get results! Best of all, we don’t need to initiate any of this; it’s high quality service as standard.

As a medical clinic, our cleanliness requirements are above those of most other client-facing businesses. DB Services is able to respond to those requirements through high-calibre and dedicated staff who know their job and can see what needs to be done. We have also made significant saving in expenditure on products and disposables through entrusting this to professionals.

Not only have we given our daily cleaning contract to DB Services but so too our deep cleaning projects also. They have the equipment, the right people, and care a great deal about delivering the very best result. I would recommend that anyone considering the engaging of a new cleaning contractor first take a look at DB Services website. Organised, methodical, informative and tidy, it represents perfectly the quality of product the DB Services provides.

DB Services management team are regular visitors to the clinic and we have been convinced that the reason for such regular contact is utmost belief in the quality of their product. And we love it that they always seem to be looking into corners!

Residential Management Group

We are residential property managers and have worked with DB Services for over 25 years. The company carries out the cleaning of the common parts of blocks of flats under our management many of which are prestigious and where the residents expect very high standards. They also undertake window and carpet/marble cleaning.

The staff they employ are good and more importantly they exercise a high quality of supervision to ensure the quality of their service levels. Residential flat owners are very hard task masters. Communications with the Company in all respects are also very good and the fact that we continue to use them and also ask for quotes for new business is testament to the service they provide.

James Allen’s Girls’ School

James Allen’s Girls’ School
D B Services have worked with James Allen’s Girls’ School since 2005, initially providing 3 cleaners to service the lower school on a daily basis. It was quickly noted by the school that the use of a cleaning contractor helped improve the cleaning standards and so it was agreed that as the in house cleaners left then D B Services would take on more of the cleaning duties. This has led to where we are today with the company cleaning 90% of the 4 school sites, with 23 staff members providing services on a daily basis. One of the key advantages we have found by employing a cleaning contractor is the reduction in time spent by our staff in dealing with cleaning issues, since D B Services managers visit the school at least once per week, liaise with our staff and tackle any issues that may arise quickly and effectively. Their staff members are highly trained, skilled and have an impressive can-do attitude to everything which greatly assists the school.

Another key area of D B Services expertise is with the floors across our buildings; their specialist floor work team has transformed the appearance of our floors with their specialist techniques, equipment and products. We would recommend D B Services to any education establishment; they offer very high standards and a level of personal attention to their clients which is rare within the cleaning industry.

Southwark and London Diocesan Housing Association
We had very mixed experiences with other cleaning contractors we have used. However, for over 10 years now, we have been very pleased with the services provided by DBServices.
They provide a high quality service and the staff respond promptly to any matters that require their attention. This includes special one off jobs and dealing with emergencies as they arise.
Their staff are knowledgeable and have expertise in a wide range of fields. They will offer us advice and assistance in areas as we require.
There may well be companies who offer a cheaper price but the quality of their service far outweighs any advantage we may reach by saving a small amount.
I can recommend this organisation to you and if you have any questions you may contact me.

St John’s Church Belmont – The Revd Mark Williams
St John’s has used D B Services for regular cleaning services for over 10 years. Since I have been vicar, I have consistently had an excellent standard of service from the company. Contract details are clearly and thoroughly negotiated and regularly inspected and reviewed. Any issues or concerns that arise are dealt with immediately and effectively. Special requirements above and beyond the usual contract are fitted in without fuss.
D B Services represent good value for money. Their experience with cleaning, repairing and renovating a range of floor surfaces has proved invaluable. They have offered sound advice and quality work on, for example, stone, marble, parquet floor, vinyl and wax-spotted carpet. Their work on the floor of the church hall, which was rapidly deteriorating, has given it a new lease of life.
I would have no hesitation in recommending D B Services.

Andy Powell – JAGS Sports Club
DB Services have been providing a full building cleaning to service to JAGS Sports Club for the past 10 years. In that time they have provided us with a first class service, which in my 20 years in working in the leisure industry, has been second to none. They have been flexible, adaptable and thoroughly amenable to the ever changing conditions of our leisure provision.

Chris and the team at DB are always professional and courteous with our members and in this sense are very much part of our overall team.

There are obvious benefits to having contract cleaners on site but with DB Services I feel that it is their eye for detail and their quick response which sets them apart. We very often get approached by competitors but for me the quality of their service allows us the luxury of not worrying about the cleanliness of the Club as the standards never drop. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any other leisure provider.

Shipleys LLP – Martin Frost We have used D B Services now for over 20 years and have been delighted with the services they provide. Our experiences with contractors in the past has been disappointing and they respond quickly to any concerns we have. The family links are still very strong in the organisation which gives rise to an organisation of integrity and dedication to service.
A key advantage of the company is that they have a strong support team which have trained and qualified operatives in many different fields of facilities services. They carry out regular inspections and communication has always been a very key part of their service. I recommend them to any organisation looking for a reliable and trustworthy cleaning contractor.

Car Showrooms Case Study We have been cleaning car showrooms for the past 15 years and work for some of the most prestigious companies in the market providing them with a high quality cleaning service on a daily basis. One of the key factors in our service to these companies has been the need to keep customer facing areas looking immaculate on a daily basis. To achieve this we have created dedicated programmes of cleaning with flow regimes ensuring all areas receive regular attention and are kept to a very high standard. We also regularly buff all floors with the latest in floor machines and specialist cleaning products. Our window cleaning team are an essential part of our car showroom service and they attend sites weekly to clean the extensive glazing ensuring that the public’s first impression of every showroom we work at is positive. All our showrooms have an onsite supervisor and receive the highest level of attention from our management staff who visit on a weekly basis to monitor and inspect standards. We ensure that we are flexible to our clients’ needs at all times fitting our services into their showroom schedule and are always available to assist with additional services.



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