Pest Control There are many reasons why pest control is a must in the modern business environment. Ants, cockroaches, flies, mice and rats all carry diseases, can infest our food, damage our buildings and ruin our reputation.

Using our experience and expertise we are able to design and implement integrated pest management programmes that are highly efficient in maintaining a pest free environment. We carry out a thorough survey of the premises to identify the pests already present, their entry points, harbourages, breeding and feeding sites. Then we recommend physical methods of control before choosing the best chemical treatment available, carefully considering the impact on the client’s business and the environment. After controlling existing infestations we can prevent this reoccurring by giving proofing and hygiene recommendations and monitoring key areas at intervals that mach the breeding cycles of most pest species. This will ensure that, in the event of pests being reintroduced to the environment, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

By giving accurate reports after each visit and treatment we can provide evidence of “due diligence” thus protecting your business against prosecution and ensuring that your reputation does not suffer.


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