Floor Care Probably the most important message a client can give their customers will be a clean and tidy building and having a pristine floor without a doubt leads the way. Deep cleaning your hard floors can instantly improve the appearance of any building and our highly trained team can tackle all hard floor surfaces to help increase the life of your floor. We suggest our clients put in place a regular periodical clean to hard floors to keep them at their best and get the longest life from them, but we also provide a one off service. Our work includes: 
Stone floor cleaning - sealing, polishing and waxing
Hardwood floor cleaning - buffing, polishing and waxing
Laminate floor - cleaning and buffing
Marble, Granite, Limestone, Quarry, Ceramic and Terrazzo Floor cleaning - sealing, buffing, and polishing
Vinyl floor cleaning - stripping, sealing and buffing
Carpet Cleaning All carpets require more than just regular vacuum cleaning and regular carpet cleaning services will improve their appearance, lengthen their life and ultimately save you money. Our skilled team members are able to remove even the most difficult stains using specific products and techniques and we will carry out a test clean before commencing work to ascertain the correct chemical for your carpet.

Marble & Stone Floors Marble and natural stone floors in high foot fall areas can quickly lose their appearance due to dirt eroding the stone's natural crystals leaving the floor scratched, stained or dull. We can restore the natural brilliance to your floors through our honing process where diamond sanding is done to remove scratches and marks to bring your floor back to its best. You then have the option of the honed finish or if you desire a polished finish then we are able to achieve the right level of shine for your floor through our polishing processes.

We will then recommend regular treatment and cleaning methods to ensure that the floors maintain their appearance and require less deep cleaning in the future.

Wooden Floors We provide wood sanding, finishing services and deep cleaning to a wide range of different premises including schools, residential buildings, halls & galleries. There are many types of wooden flooring and our knowledgeable team are able to advise clients on the best way to prolong the life of their floor and to ensure that it gives the best impression to those visiting your building. Following the restoration of your wooden floor we can then advise on the best products and methodology to be used to clean the floor and put together a dedicated maintenance plan for you.

Safety & Vinyl Flooring Regular deep cleaning of safety, vinyl & Altro flooring with a machine is essential to remove the accumulation of dirt, soiling and bacteria which gets trapped and clings to the particles in the floor surface leaving the floors looking dirty even after mopping. Our proven process agitates this dirt and allows it to be removed leaving the floor looking as good as new. Some types of flooring then require further protection using sealers and polish and we will advise as to the best finish for your floor. Once our work is complete we will guide you on the best products to be used for day to day cleaning and a suggested maintenance programme.

Carpet Cleaning We provide commercial carpet cleaning services across London and the South of England to a wide variety of premises including schools, residential buildings, halls, care homes & medical centres. Our highly trained and fully insured team are able to complete extraction or steam cleaning services using the latest equipment and chemicals leaving your carpets looking as good as new. Our team are available 7 days a week to ensure the least disruption to your premises and we will visit your site and provide you with a free quotation. We are also able to offer upholstery cleaning services.  


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